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Catherine Hidden Info Reveals PC Release?

Catherine, Atlus, PS3, Xbox 360

Step into Catherine and find yourself in a world torn between dreams and reality, love and lust, resistance and temptation, and chock-full of ghastly, glassy-eyed sheep trotting about giving people the heebie-jeebies. It’s also a world that might have found its way onto the PC, which the content found by The VG-Resource seems to indicate. A tutorial style image, detailing the controls for the game, depicts unmarked keyboard keys and a mouse, located in a folder on the disc entitled ‘Test’.  A character select screen was also found, but who the characters are and just what you’re selecting them for is anyone’s guess.

An additional array of unused cell phone images were also uncovered, such as the one below, that would go some way to explaining how a herd of men could  keel over and die in the night with strange looks on their faces (potentially from a fatal heart attack, triggered by a sudden loss of blood from the majority of the circulatory system, converging on a single point in their pants. It’s just a theory). For more…shall we say “artistic”… pictures of Catherine, showing off her full repertoire and the images described above, check out The VG Resource. Notes of thanks for this link will be accepted once the cramp in everyone’s writing hand has subsided.


Catherine, Atlus, PS3, Xbox 360


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