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FTG-Nerd Review: Doctor Who: “Night Terrors” (Television)

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Ok, so this episode didn’t have a particularly large amount of information relating to the overall plot-arcs. However, the obvious one is at the ending: it seems everyone knows that the Doctor is going to die, and we will continue to be reminded of this until the last episode, as far as I can tell. The doll’s song, for the record, was fantastic. Fortunately, you great readers caught things I didn’t mention last week, and I’ll write those out here.

  • Nicodumas reminded us of the fact that the Ood mentioned ‘Silence will fall’ back in the 10th Doctor’s days: the seeds have clearly been sown for a while now…
  • Darthspudjohal pointed out that last week’s episode explains who the little girl in New York, seen earlier this series, was (it was Melody/River), and why River didn’t regenerate in ‘Forest of the Dead’.
  • StevenJaap was very observant, noticing that the Omega symbol was visible in the Weeping Angel’s episodes last year.

If you have anything else to add, or any other useful facts, please post them in the comments, and I’ll include them next week! Join me then!