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Causing a “Mass Effect” among fans…

Mass Effect 3 is out! While you were playing, sleeping or both, the world has gone wild with comments and reviews.

Mass Effect 3 Weather Balloons:

What happened: Bioware released weather balloons with copies of ME3 two weeks before the release of the game.

Problem: Apparently they didn’t get the necessary permissions in order to make this stunt work. This made a ton of already gamers, who love to go to the Internet and complain about everything, flock to their haven to let loose words. They believed that the stunt not only endangered air traffic, but space traffic as well.







taken from redditGame is out for 6 minutes and Metacritic users go nuts!

What happened: Metacritic gathers reviews from different websites compiles their scores and makes an average. Some embargos were lifted at midnight and the game quickly jumped to the 90’s area.

Problem: User reviews starting pouring in giving it a 0/10 and slamming the game when they could not have played for more than 3 minutes. That is only if they have a console or PC in their car. Given that the game takes time to install on PC, it is as possible as finding a black hole and traveling through time.






memeBOYCOT ME3!!

What happened: Bioware announced that the games first DLC would be available on day 1. Yay right?

Problem: Apparently not so, “YAY.” Fans took to the Internetz, calling all their brothers in arms to not purchase Mass Effect 3 as it was an incomplete game.

Outcome: Mass Effect 3 is selling without a problem.







I made this and I'm proud!


What happened: One of the things I liked about Mass Effect is that once you made your Sheppard, you can carry him/her over to the next game. It helps a great deal with the story. You really felt that you have gone through the story with the character you have created.

Problem: Just minutes after the game was released to the public, many gamers found the harsh reality that if you had created a character in Mass Effect and ported the save to ME2, as many of us did,  the save file will not transfer your Sheppard to ME3 unless you change something in ME2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Not a good start for the game. Especially when I know people that spent over an hour making their Sheppard as perfect as possible only to find that all their work is gone. The solution? Make a new Sheppard.




You arent blue...but you'll do.

Love is a Battlefield:

What happened: Not even on the Citadel you can escape to get your freak on with an alien of the opposite or same sex. Mass Effect is no stranger to dealing with backlash about the sexual encounters Shepard can have (or his promiscuity in the matter either). This time around, Shepard is not the only bad ass in love in the galaxy and is not afraid to say it. The game has dialogue that has male NPC’s saying “I had a husband back in earth.” Yaaaay love!!! Oh wait….

Problem: This has sent the fans to in two very opposite positions. Some condemn the game and calling it “immoral.” To them this type of affection has no place in gaming (I’m paraphrasing here) while, I have seen many tweets to the Mass Effect account praising this move.

I second this motion.


Y u not indeed...

*Oh silly, silly graphics:

What happened: Mass Effect contains several in game graphics that are clearly stock pictures. This isn’t news. Mass Effect 2 has a circuit board and a picture of food that was clearly not rendered. That is OK. Sometimes games put place holders for what they want to make, and at times they leave it in because they could not come up with anything better. Sadly, Bioware decided to use royalty free images from the Internet. Add some flare, filters and white out eyes and you have the photo of Tali one of the main characters of the game. Gamers have also found landscape photos that they have given the same treatment and put in the game.

Problem: Seems lazy to not even come up with an original idea for the face of Tali. Perhaps hired a model, use the face of the voice of Tali in order to make something unique for the game. Instead, someone went to Google for images ethnic woman, touched one up in Adobe, and now it shows in the game. Most gamers are up and arms about this and perhaps rightfully so. I’m not one to judge since I was not part of the think tank for Mass Effect 3 decisions. No matter how much I begged >_>

*I was going to put the photos in question here, but it is a spoiler. I’m not going to do that to anyone.


Not all the news was bad. Many cosplayed, baked goods adorned with N7 (including a Shepards-pie), and a few bought a copy for every platform the game was released on. What we can take away from this is that no matter what a company does or does not do, there is no escaping the wrath of the Internet.


  • smikey1123

    The one thing you missed was when people where trashing the MetaCritic reviews they also were posting massive spoilers in the reviews. Otherwise good job Xal.

    • xalaga

      Doh! Fixing

  • Ishtar Mohammed

    This is normal. fans have to complain about EACH AND EVERY new game but then they simply shut up and continue buying and playing the game even if its not original, different from what they’re used to, changes in characters, etc. bottom line is that ME is a great game

    • xalaga

      I agree. I think that sometimes, we as gamers, should focus more on whether we are having fun with the game or not. That is not to say, that we should not voice our opinions if we feel wronged about a particular game *cough*Duke Nukem*cough*

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grayson-Pulis/100003290927005 Grayson Pulis

    How bout dat ending?

  • theywantabattle

    I was so disappointed I had to have a fag (Cortez) on my crew.

    When his shuttle got shot down at the end I cheered. My Commander does not want faggots on his ship. We have a galaxy to save, we don’t need to worry about some disgusting mentally disturbed homo checking our asses out while we work.

  • theywantabattle

    I was so disappointed that I was required to have a fag (Cortez) on my crew.

    I actually cheered at the screen when that fairy’s shuttle got shot down at the end. It was nice to finally rid my ship of that disgusting subhuman faggot, it was just too bad that it took the entire game for it to happen. My crew is supposed to be elite and top notch, how someone with such a serious mental illness was allowed to serve on my ship is a mystery to me. My team shouldn’t have to worry about some homo checking out our asses while we’re in the showers.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BXQRTR46LJE2XI5C4FAP236INA Eric Andrew

    Ah the ending. We have dismissed that claim.