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Call of Duty: Black Ops II Trailer, Story Details Revealed

Rumors have been swirling for weeks about the next entry in the Call of Duty franchise. Well, wait no more. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is coming, but not in any way you’d think. The setting is 2025, fifty years after we left Woods and Mason in the original Black Ops, making this the first Treyarch Call of Duty title set in the future, skipping the present for Infinity Ward to devour. Well, we last saw Woods get blasted to bits saving Mason’s ass, but he’s back, and still kicking, chained up like Mason seemed to be in Black Ops. Rumor has it that Zombies mode will be back in full force.

The plot seems to describe the enemy (not sure if this is alternate timeline sort of thing or not, so look for Russia, North Korea, or Vietnam) taking control of the futuristic technology that we pride ourselves in. Look for allegories of learning to heavily on technology, no doubt. What I did see was a few peaks at some could-be killstreaks, like a Recon Drone from Modern Warfare 3 with an SMG, and some sort of enhanced version of the fan-favorite AC-130. Some multiplayer details have been “leaked”, but there’s no way to verify that sort of thing yet. Stay tuned for more updates to what looks to be the most ambitious Call of Duty yet.


UPDATE: It seems they’re letting everything out of the bag. The story will seem to be in between flash backs and current events, meaning there’s a constant flip between 2026 and 1986. While the 80’s will be a third of the game, I’m assuming it’ll play out like Black Ops’ Vietnam flashbacks did. Apparently, there are “rare Earth elements” that power many modern day devices, and China, of all people, have been getting their hands on them more than any other country. Thus, they’re taking over our technology and using it against us.

Also announced is Strike Force, a new single player addition to the game. It’s vague right now, but it seems to be a mode where you’ll be picking paths and making hard decisions, a trope straight out of BioWare’s book. The mode will be more sandboxy and open than the straightforwardness of the Call of Duty games. How you’ll do it is similar to how you did Galaxy at War in Mass Effect 3, only this time, it’s both single player.

Multiplayer is said to be in the future exclusively, no shuffling around in the 1980s. While they’re keeping quiet, they did drop that the game is getting a graphical overhaul – and will sustain a solid 60 frames per second, a huge feat for Call of Duty. Also, Zombies are back in full force. But they didn’t go into much detail, other than the face than it’s simply more. Ambitious is an understatement when it comes to Black Ops 2, let’s hope they can deliver – the franchise needs it.