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FTG Preview: Colour Bind (PC)

Colour Bind, platformer, Finn Morgan, Puppy Punch Productions

Colour Bind is a platforming puzzle game that’s all about three colors! The same red, green, and blue we use to color our 1080p monsters at home are used for various gravity shifts. Colour Bind just gets straight to what we love about games, playing them. A good game is based around gameplay. Right away there’s little presentation- no story, no voice actors. It’s not about snagging some D-list voice talent or forcing you to gaze at the world you could not touch.

In the 20 or so level preview I had of Colour Bind, I was going through the motions, learning how to work with the bipedal machine and smashing the F button in post tutorial challenges. Manipulating gravity to get from point A to Triangle gate felt all too familiar. It’s definitely strange to basically play as a vehicle in a platformer. The momentum of the vehicle is equally frustrating as it is rewarding to achieve rhythm with, but like a functioning car, I can stomp on the brakes to avoid a mistake that will waste time. Or, if I felt like I’ve had too much time just trying to climb an area, a tap to the F key will redo the entire stage.

Colour Bind, platformer, Finn Morgan, Puppy Punch Productions

Early levels obviously guided me on how to play, with text appearing on the gray platforms to give hints and controls. As I slogged through the fairly easy introduction, the real inventive design comes in. Here I used large buttons to adjust gravity by ramming my car into it, floating up/right as controls were flipped to maneuver a way to reach the end. Then here come the lasers (Above), each color shows what the object’s gravity would be once passed through.

Finn Morgan, hailing from the land of Australia, co-developed Colour Bind with the help of publisher Puppy Punch Productions. Having game programmer credentials such as Dungeon Defenders and Heroes Over Europe, this is Finn’s first independent title on his own. As an interesting point to the development, Colour Bind has been developed for people that suffer from color blindness. Out for $7.99 on Steam today; get your physics fix now or wait until we review this later this week! Or watch the trailer if our words can’t do you justice.

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