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Operation Supply Drop Supports the Troops for the Holidays with SANTA ACTUAL 2!


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We here at Front Towards Gamer’s Operation Supply Drop are still reeling from the nationwide success of our first annual “8-Bit Salute to Veterans” over Veterans Day weekend, raising $57,000 in games and gaming gear for soldiers deployed to Afghanistan.  We are currently in the middle of distributing six massive $3500 care packages full of the latest and greatest gaming gear, but we’ve got even more to give away.  I mean, it IS the Holidays after all, and what unit deployed overseas wouldn’t want a giant box of video gaming madness to open up to give them a little taste of home?

So, as I’ve been a lazy, lazy ranger doing things like Hitman Absolution gameguides and playing through Far Cry 3 instead of writing up this announcement, I’m going to double down for the Holidays with another six care packages!  Sure, I go by Shanghai Six, but you can just call me “Santa Six”….or maybe “Shanghai Claus”?

Given the nationwide media attention Operation Supply Drop received over Veterans Day, the outpouring of requests for video game stuffed care packages is at an all time high, and we’ve definitely got the moolah following Veteran’s Day fundraising to make sure we take care of another six units…although some of these requests are particularly different and/or interesting.  Let’s just say last week’s visit to Walter Reed Military hospital to drop off our first continental US care package (code named VALKYRIE WING, to men and women recovering from grievous injuries sustained while in Afghanistan) made me realize that there’s more to do out there than just sending out care packages to units stationed in Afghanistan.

So check these bad boys out:

Care Package Code Name DIGITAL CLIFF:

Because sometimes, you just have to branch out and take a risk, this care package is going to a United States Embassy in Ethiopia to Roland and his Marine guard detachment stationed there.  I know what you’re thinking, “What? This isn’t in Afghanistan, why are these guys and gals getting a care package?”  Fairly simple: 1) uh, it’s Ethiopia and not the United States and 2) ever hear of a place called Benghazi?  For those of you not familiar with how embassies work, they’re little pockets of U.S. presence, usually in the middle of some pretty nasty foreign territory.  If a thousand angry protesters suddenly descend on the Embassy…well, let’s just say things can go from “just another day” to “volume cranked to 11″ on a whim.  So yes, Roland and his crew are getting a care package, thanks to my contact over at the State Department.  Deal with it.

Care Package Code Name TREASURE TROVE:

My name is Daniel and I’m a combat engineer in South Afghanistan. We do route clearance and on average we do missions about 6 days out of 7 on average and anywhere from 4 hours to 9 hours or more (we’re supposed to be on four days/off three lol). My primary job is a driver for the vehicles. I’ll be in two years this December (signed up 7 days after I turned 18). My unit is from Michigan and we are all National Guard with prior Active duty members. Thank you for everything you do!

Care Package Code Name KICK PUNCHER (aka ‘Man, I miss the show Community’): 

I’m a platoon sergeant for a Aviation MEDEVAC (Medical air evacuation) company, we have 5 platoons spread out along RC West.  Our relaxation options are a tent with a phone, a TV with the Armed Forces Network (when the wind doesn’t knock it out), and sharing movies (were about out of those too!).  Your probably more than aware that as air MEDEVAC we work on quick response times, so that limits our ability to really to do anything.  We did have a big improvement to our area, after being here for a month and using a bucket as our restroom, we just got a latrine trailer with showers, so while we’re on this little streak of good fortune I thought I would see if your organization would like to donate to our company.  Most of our bases have either an Xbox or a PS3, so anything you can send would be great! Thanks for the consideration and keep up the awesome work, it’s groups and organizations like yours that REALLY make the difference in helping deployed troops get through hell with their sanity.

Care Package Code Name: BLACK MOUNTAIN (in honor of Vaas ‘Montenegro’ from Far Cry 3)

My name is Bradley and I have been looking for a site to help my guys make it through this deployment.  We were looking for something to pass the time and help keep up the morale. We are with the 101st airborne div from Fort Campbell, KY.  Some of the guys it is their first deployment and some of us our third.  I would like to try to ease the pain of these guys first deployment with some down time entertainment.  So I am asking for some help.  I am doing this in secrecy of my guys to kinda surprise them one day to bring the morale up and help them through the first deployment. Thank you in advance for what you are doing and have been doing for our troops.

Care Package Code Name MUSTANG STAMPEDE:

My name is Sean with 1st Tanks Battalion. This is actually my first deployment with the Marine Corps. I am set to join others such as the Navy and Airforce on a (MEU) Marine Expeditionary Unit.  We are currently on boat headed out to the eastern side of the world.  As we are on boat, there are things here to do such as read and go to the gym, but we are very limited to what we have. Therefore we would be very grateful to anything that can be sent to use to keep us busy. We have a PS Vita that we share as a unit. Thank you for you time and we gladly appreciate what you and other organizations are doing. 

Care Package Code Name NAUGHTY LIST:

This Christmas, a trio of boys are trying their best to celebrate Christmas having lost their father.  Their father Larry was severely injured in Iraq in battle and passed away March 2012.  Larry’s widow reached out for assistance, and Operation Supply Drop will be happy to provide those three boys a little something to brighten up this Christmas for them.  Again, trying something different to help branch out!

If you’d like to help us out with one helping fill one of these care packages, here are four ways you can donate:

1) Use the Chipin link on the front of Front Towards Gamer.com.  OR
2) Use the Chipin link on the front page of Operation Supply Drop.org.  OR
3) Make a Paypal donation to donations@operationsupplydrop.org.
4) If you don’t want to send cash, you can simply send your used games or gear to the following address to make the next care package:

Operation Supply Drop
9301 Alvyn Lake Circle
Bristow VA, 20136

You know, and even if you can’t donate, just help get the word out on Twitter, Facebook, and other various social media links!  You help out and it costs you nothing but a few seconds of your time!

Or, maybe just click this link here: