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IGN Entertainment Sold to J2 Global’s Ziff Davis

IGNIGN Entertainment, one of the biggest names in gaming websites, has just exchanged giant corporate hands, as J2 Global subsidiary Ziff Davis has officially purchased IGN. There has been a lot of speculation over the past few months on their former parent company, News Corp, wanting to off the website from their ranks, and now it’s clear what’s been done about it. The transaction will add to J2 Global’s 2013 earnings, the company said today in a statement. The price is less than the $100 million News Corp. sought for the business.

The transaction makes Ziff Davis one of the biggest publishers in all electronic media, as the network generated over 50 million unique visitors. Here’s the direct statement:

“Joining Ziff Davis’s world-class digital media portfolio further strengthens IGN and AskMen’s growing presence in international markets,” claimed IGN in a statement to VG247. “Alongside our local teams in the UK and Australia, we have developed a global network of expert publishing partners that deliver locally relevant content in 10 languages and over 40 countries. By combining our forces we will reach a greater audience of males 18-34 than ever before.”

Hopefully these processes don’t affect anyone currently employed by IGN, because there are more than a few really cool dudes that keep their noses to the grind over at IGN, and it’d be a shame to see some of them go. Why I seem hesitant is because that Ziff Davis once was at the helm of 1UP and EGM, which got royally screwed over four years ago, and I’d hate to see history repeat itself.

Source: Market Watch

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