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Super Smash Bros. Characters Who Shouldn’t Make the Cut

Super Smash Bros. cuts

The Super Smash Bros. franchise is well known for its colorful cast of Nintendo giants. However, just because you’re in one doesn’t mean you’ll be in them all, as Super Smash Bros. Brawl taught us. With the new Smash on the horizon, we’ll want to see plenty of new characters on the battlefield, but that probably won’t happen without a few cuts to Brawl’s roster. Here’s who deserves the boot first.


Let’s face it, the Robotic Operation Buddy was pretty much a gag character, even more so than Mr. Game and Watch. The general motif of Smash Bros. characters is that the character represents a certain era in Nintendo history. He stuck his robotic head into Mario Kart DS, as well, and I think we’ve seen enough of the NES accessory for a while. He wasn’t a complete waste of a character slot, though.

The guy had some cool moves in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but I’d be fine seeing him go if that means we get another newcomer. His contemporary replacement would appear to be Wii Fit Trainer – the bizarre entrant that still represents an era of Nintendo.


Look, we have three Star Fox characters who all are slight variations of Fox. I’d be fine saying goodbye to Falco, but he has history on his side, appearing in both Melee and Brawl. This means that Wolf O’Donnell has to get the axe. Wolf had enough to technically differentiate himself from Fox, but he still came off as too much of a clone character to really come into his own.

Even his final smash was basically the same damn move. Cut him and put in someone from Star Fox who could be completely different from the rest – Crystal.


We all like to imagine we love Mother 3, but there’s not a lot of scenarios in which I see Lucas being a mainstay in Smash Bros. Being another clone character, it’d be with a heavy heart that I’d be fine letting Lucas go. Ness has a history with the Smash series, as he’s been in all of them, which is something you can’t say about Lucas.

He technically had different moves and abilities than his Mother 2 counterpart, but he still fell under the “clone” banner pretty hard. Take him out and put in a wild card like Little Mac from Punch-Out. PLEASE!

LucarioBrawl copy

This one seems fairly obvious. Lucario was put in Brawl because he was the most popular Pokemon of the generation at the time – the Diamond and Pearl era. Well, we’ve had two generations of Pokemon enter the fray since then. There are more than a few viable “mascot” Pokemon that could be given the spotlight instead of this pseudo-clone.

Lucario was fun, but he was little more than a couple extra moves replaced from Mewtwo’s move pool in Melee. Speaking of Mewtwo, the original legendary Pokemon appears to be having a bit of a renaissance in this day and age – why not bring him back, perhaps with his Mega-Evolution being utilized.


Whether he’ll actually get cut is a big question, as we’ve already seen Fire Emblem mainstay Marth confirmed. We’re going off the precedent of Melee to Brawl when deducing Ike’s removal, but it seems pretty secure in the wake of Fire Emblem: Awakening. Roy was cut, so why not Ike? We’ve got two or three viable replacements from Awakening that would be more welcome, such as Chrom and Lucina.

Ike’s popularity post-Brawl could stop that from happening. Also, Ike wasn’t much of a Marth or Roy clone to begin with. He was built off heavy attack after heavy attack, with the parry being the only thing that really overlapped.

SnakeBrawl copy

As a Snake main, this hurts to say, but I can’t imagine our favorite monologue-spewing soldier making the cut. His explosive move set was a welcome addition, but with the future of Metal Gear leaving Nintendo in the dust, it’d be pretty out there for Snake to make it in. Him being a third-party character doesn’t really make his chances any better, either, as it was mainly dependent on Sakurai and Kojima’s relative friendship.

We all guessed Sonic would make it back, but I can definitely see Mega Man filling Snake’s shoes as the other third-party character. Though if I had to suggest an M-rated entrant, let’s get some love for Bayonetta, who could represent a future era for Nintendo, if you want to stick to the motif. I can dream, can’t I?

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.56.21 AM

Notice a theme here? All my cuts were newcomers to Brawl. If anybody was cut, I’d imagine they’d be the first out. I wouldn’t be crushed if Melee veterans like Falco, Ganondorf or Mr. Game and Watch said goodbye, but their legacies in the Smash series seem pretty cemented at this point (even if Ganondorf’s last appearance was in Brawl!). Hell, if people didn’t care about F-Zero that much, Captain Falcon might be waving goodbye. Being one of the original twelve Smashers gives you quite a name, though. Hopefully these cuts lead to some stellar newcomers, as I’d be ecstatic about characters like Ridley and Little Mac making it in.

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