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Game Music Daily: LOVE WEEK Saints Row 4, Gone Home, Persona 4, Catherine, ICO, Ace Combat 5, Assassin’s Creed 4, Ocarina of Time

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Welcome to Game Music Daily! Our regular rotation of soundtrack showcase kicking off the new year by looking at the 30+ years of great music! We prod the staff for their personal picks and savory songs of what they consider special / interesting / important to them below. It could be anything; epitomizing events, significance of the song, music matching moments, or simply a darn, good listen!

We get intimate and close with our latest picks from the week and what week do I speak of? Why, we attempt to pull together some semi-romantic, barely concerning love at all tracks for our game music week of love!
Originally, because of our loveless showrunner, we celebrated good old “be extra nice and buy nice things for the special other” day a tad 168 hours early. But! That doesn’t mean we can’t run the feature without Hallmark trouncing us for breaking the imaginary embargo? Commence, we shall! Be sure to bolster the testosterone with last week’s article of Game Music Daily SPORTS WEEK. WOOT WOOT


29. Saints Row 4′s Romance Ship (Malcolm Kirby Jr)

“OOooohhh yeah, soothe those nerves for some intergalactic and apocalyptic love making! No context necessary, enjoy that sultry R&B groove…”

-Robert Beach


30. Gone Home ‘s “I Said Yes” (Chris Remo)


“So, when Robert advised us to prep some romance/love themes, I rolled my eyes almost immediately. Snarky, sarcastic humor =/= love for this guy! Anyway, over the weekend I thought long and hard about games that really expressed a strong, genuine love with their characters. And it always kept coming back to Gone Home. Specifically the ‘I Said Yes’ track from the soundtrack. A mild spoiler, but it’s been a year, nerds, suck it up. After a tumultuous buildup and uncertainty of what was around every corner, Kaitlin learns of her sister’s decisions, and this song kicks in at the right moment.

Though it’s a brief piece, the strong, gruff strings mixed the slow, uplifting pacing makes ‘I Said Yes’ imprint a strong closing on Kaitlin’s journey. It’s reminiscent of the band Explosions in the Sky, and that’s an incredibly good thing. ‘I Said Yes’ is a song that perhaps misses the mark on what Robert asked of us, but for me, it’s a perfect arrangement. Also: GO PLAY GONE HOME IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!”

-Curtis Stone, Freelancer at Large, Defaulting on Bravery

31. Persona 4′s “Rise’s Dungeon” (Shōji Meguro, Atsushi Kitajoh)

“A little sultry sample of Persona 4. “It’s more lust than love, but also catchy as f***”

-Dylan Tierney

32. Catherine’s “Lamb Game between ♂ and ♀” (Shoji Meguro)

“Catherine is a very weird game, to say the least. You never really know what’s going to happen, as the story takes very odd twists and turns and has multiple endings. The same could be said for its OST. It’s a varied soundtrack that never quite reaches greatness, but this pick is definitely among the best.”

-Morgan Park

33. ICO’s “You Were There” (Michiru Oshima, Kōichi Yamazaki)

“Is Ico a love story? I mean, I could tell you a story all about how much I love the game, but is the actual game about two people who love each other? I say yes, and this song from the game makes me feel that all over again. The story of Ico and Yorda is such a simple tale, but the emotions you feel as you help her escape are not simple at all.”

-Kyle Hanson,

34. Ace Combat 5′s “The Unsung War” (Keiki Kobayashi)

“On the content of love, this game is my personal favorite due to it’s engaging storyline. It doesn’t have the sappy love story in it, but it does have one of the best scenes in the game, in which both allied and enemied squadrons unite for one day to defeat a common foe. This song really brings up not only that scene but sets it up very nicely.”

-Brandon Parker

35. Ocarina of Time’s “Saria’s Song” (Koji Kondo)

“Saria and Link have an interesting relationship. Heck, if he weren’t the Hero of Time, I could see those two settling down. Screw you, Zelda! Saria and Link had something special! They grew up together! Well, technically only Link grew up and…you know what? Maybe it was for the best. Things could have gotten creepy (see: Tom Hanks in Big).”

-Tony Wilson

BONUS #2 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’s “Main Theme” ( Lorne Balfe)

“Assassin’s Creed IV isn’t necessarily a romanticized version of the Golden Age of Piracy, but its main theme would like to make you think otherwise. With all of its strings and whimsical rises and falls in throughout the song, it screams out ‘adventure on the high seas!’, and you call out, ‘hell yeah, let’s ransack some frigates!’”

-Rhys Egner,


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