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DEUCES WILD II: Droppin’ in on the Roosevelt!


Most of our video game filled supply drops go to units sitting somewhere in Afghanistan; some platoon of grunts staring at a black and white TV watching the Armed Forces Network re-runs of Seinfeld (okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but…). However, every now and again, we get a ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 240: Pikachu Katana

front towards gamer radio, podcast, pikachu, sexy, kigurumi, the evil within, quinn, gigi, shanghai six, soulibon, gamergirl, fantasy life, persona 4, vita, golden, 3ds, gamergate,

  Gigi triumphantly returns with her Pikachu Katana or whatever it is she’s wearing (spoiler alert, it’s called a “kigurumi”) to talk about being sick for her birthday and further adventures into Fantasy Life on 3DS, while Quinn and Shanghai trade The Evil Within thoughts and Shanghai finally takes the plunge ...

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DEUCES WILD V: “Red Warriors” Get a Little OSD Love in Afghanistan!


Another of Operation Supply Drop’s August drops, code named DEUCES WILD, has come up on the radar! Jerrold and his platoon of infantrymen are going outside the wire every single day dealing with insurgents and hostile forces, so we knew it was critical to make sure that we got them ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 239: Freddy Isolation

five nights at freddys, shadow of mordor, shadows of mordor, middle earth, alien isolation, podcast, soulibon, quinn, shanghai six, plague inc, ebola, gaming, video games, pc, steam,

Gigi breaks her impressive multiple show attendance record  as she is now launching a chain of fish-and-chips stores in Londontown-pip-pip-cheerio, wot? Shanghai and Quinn are forced to carry on without her and do an admirable enough job, but let’s face it, it’s not really that great of a show without the ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 238: Destiny Who?

destiny, shadow of mordor, warner brothers, WB, monolith, talion, d4, dark dreams dont die, podcast, shanghai six, gigi, quinn, sullivan, gamergirl , gamer girl, fancy, fantasy life,

Destiny who? What? How did that game go again? Can you hum a few bars? Activision’s blah-tastic fantasy MMO shooter gets removed from Shanghai and Quinn’s Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles in lieu of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor while Gigi gives up the ghost for a little handheld loving with ...

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Turkey: Surprise New Player in Poker Room Dominance

Story time, everyone! Once upon a time, I was a huge internet poker player. This was back when the World Series of Poker was all the rage on television and kiddies were swiping their mom’s credit cards to buy into tables to try and get a piece of the action. ...

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How much fun is the PlayStation Home Casino?

For people who like their gambling to be low-risk, there’s a no-risk option open to all PlayStation users in PlayStation Home Casino. The reason it’s no-risk is because you don’t actually use real money to play, and so you get all the fun of playing casino games without ever putting ...

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Too Scary to Beat?

Five Nights At Freddys 01

I am not going to be able to beat Five Nights at Freddy’s…and I think I’ve figured out why. I’ve played and beaten hundreds of games over my gaming lifetime. In an era where video games are getting simpler to get through and a resurgence of titles that are for ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 237: Moosh!

destiny, d4, dark dreams dont die, dark dreams don't die, blizzard, fantasy life, warlords of draenor, warcraft, worlds of warcraft, peter dinklage, quinn, sullivan, gamergirltalk, gigi, nintendo, the walking dead, podcast, gaming, video games

The gang is going on a solid several weeks where everyone is actually on the show despite Quinn being a famous Hollywood writer now and Gigi, well, doing whatever Gigi does. This week on the show, Gigi commits murder on the air and talks of her excitement over the upcoming ...

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Front Towards Gamer Radio 236: The Mortal Enemy of Hideo Kojima

hideo kojima, PT, playable trailer, front towards gamer radio, ftgr, podcast, quinn, sullivan, soulibon, silent hill, ground zeroes, destiny, metal gear solid, ground zeroes, destiny, sims 4, twinkies

You know, Gamergirl may actually be able to take her own spot as “Permanent Guest Host” with the number of back to back podcast she’s been on recently! COMBO! Anyway, the gang is back this week to talk about Gigi’s amazement with the yellow cake phenomenon that is the Hostess ...

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