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Constantine Episode 1 Review (TV/Comics)


And now we come to the final new comic show we’ll be enjoying this fall Constantine, brought to us by NBC. For those who don’t know Constantine is based off the critically acclaimed and massively successful Vertigo comic Hellblazer, adopting this new title from the last name of protagonist: John ...

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Memetic #1 Review (Comics)


I don’t really know what I was expecting when I cracked open Boom! Studios’s Memetic. Not a huge follower of their work myself, but generally Boom! are known for a lot of adaptation work, kids comics, and James Tynion IV (an author off my radar for his work on the deplorable Batman Eternal). Beyond that, ...

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Arkham Manor #1 Review (Comics)


Has anyone noticed how much the success of the Arkham video games has made the super prison of Arkham Asylum exponentially more prominent and important part of the Batman universe? Yes, Arkham was always important but let’s be fair here, no one was really crying over the fact that it only made it into ...

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The Flash Episode 3 Review (TV/Comics)


Well…I didn’t see this one coming but this week’s Flash is actually really good. Given my well-documented and vehement hatred for CW’s Flash TV show, those should be some very strong words. While some may assume this is just the slow death of my standards I assure you it is ...

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Gotham Episode 5 Review (TV/Comics)


Hey, better late than never right? Yes indeed, friends, it’s time for this week’s delayed Gotham review. The only upside of which is that I’ve had longer than usual to think about the episode and really get into what I liked about it because trust me. This episode is really ...

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Doctor Who Episode 9 Review (TV/Comics)


It’s Saturday once more and that means once more we get to Doctor Who it up (yes Doctor Who is a verb now, deal with it.) For those of you who don’t know here are the basics on Doctor Who, and for those of you who do know try and ...

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Lumberjanes #7


Yesterday I reviewed Boom! Studios Sleepy Hollow #1 and I mentioned a hilarious mini-comic at the end of that issue. Turns out the author and artist of that comic is Noelle Stevenson, an amazing talent in the realm of comics who had her own book coming out this week: Lumberjanes. Lumberjanes ...

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The Storyteller: Witches #2 Review (Comics)


Man, this has been a good week for comics relating to things I like. Before we delve into The Storyteller, let’s talk about the visionary talent that was Jim Henson. Jim Henson pioneered visual effects making amazing advances in both the field of puppetry and educational television. You know, Fraggle Rock, The ...

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The Evil Within #1 Review (Comics)


Sometimes it’s a little odd being one of the only non-game reviewers on a gaming website. Though sometimes I’m completely fine not being part of game journalism (especially recently) As such I tend to make an effort once in awhile to review game comics like Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell: Echoes, ...

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Sleepy Hollow #1 Review (Comics)


I am a massive and completely unapologetic fan of the Fox show Sleepy Hollow. For those of you who foolishly haven’t watched it, the plot is freebasing madness of the most 90’s composition. Our story; Ichabod Crane was a British soldier in the revolutionary war who eventually changed sides and ...

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