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Constantine Episode 5 Review (Comics)


Spoilers: Things aren’t improving in Constantine. If anything, they’re getting worse. For those of you who’ve managed to avoid the slow motion train wreck that is NBC’s Constantine here’s your primer. The show follows John Constantine, a powerful warlock from the mean streets of working class London. Constantine was the ...

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Multiversity: Pax Americana Review (Comics)


It’s time once again to dive into the world of alternate realities and questionable depth that is Grant Morrison’s Multiversity. If you haven’t been following these reviews then strap in because the backstory is complicated to say the least. Then again, that’s par for the course with Grant Morrison. In case ...

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Batman ’66: The Lost Episode Review (Comics)


And the Batmania continues with a “lost episode” of Batman ’66 validating its title tenfold. In case you skipped the previous reviews of Batman ’66, here’s a primer. Batman ’66 is DC Comic’s digital comic continuation of the hit television show starring Adam West. The ’60s Batman show has always occupied a strange place in ...

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Gotham Episode 9 Review (TV/Comics)


And now, more Batman!  Gotham is a Batman prequel show on Fox meant to explore the early days of Gotham City before it had a Batman to keep it safe. The show revolves mainly around Lieutenant Jim Gordon, a recent transfer to the GCPD. While the department ranges from corrupt to ...

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The Flash Episode 6 Review (TV/Comics)


In an interesting change of pace this week, The Flash finally manages to maintain a consistent level of quality, unfortunately the quality level is bland mediocrity. For those of you that came in late, The Flash is a CW superhero show adapted from the DC comics character of the same name. The Flash is in ...

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Batman ’66 #47 Review (Comics)


The time has come. You can only be a comic book reviewer for so long before you have to address the big, hairy elephant that is digital comics. Digital comics have been steadily on the rise in the comic marketplace and it’s easy to see why. They’re infinitely more accessible ...

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Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #1 Review (Comics)


Well it’s November, which means it’s officially Christmas time. While we obviously can’t choose when the season begins, we can at least choose how we welcome it to our year. That said, I recommend we greet it with Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out. For those of you with short memories, I’ve looked at Dark ...

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Constantine Episode 4 Review (TV/Comics)


I’ll repeat the effort the show displays in this intro, Constantine is not a good show. If you’re interested in the why, read these reviews for a character unlike its origins and show that cares little in abiding by it. Where the John Constantine in the comics self-serves incredibly and ultimately directionless, this Constantine is something ...

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Captain America Double Feature: All New and the Mighty Avengers #1 Review (Comics)


Marking the fourth time Rodgers leaves the Captain America post and third time someone else claims the mantel, the current role of Captain America falls to The Falcon, Sam Wilson, longtime friend of Rodgers. This is a pretty big deal for Marvel comics as it marks the first time one of their big three ...

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Thor #2 Review (Comics)


Spoilers: Thor is still a girl…kind of…it’s complicated. For those of you who’ve managed to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the unstoppable cultural juggernaut that is Marvel, here’s the skinny on Thor and the current gender swapped status. Thor in the Marvel comics is a highly-stylized version of ...

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