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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Starter’s Guide

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

If you’re a Borderlands nut like me, you’ve been devoting all free time (and maybe some work time) to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. That’s fine. Maybe you’re slightly less nutty, and just picked up the game. That’s what this guide is for; if you’re already familiar with the game, you’ve probably got all the ...

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Super Smash Bros. Villager Guide


The Super Smash Bros. series has been known to get creative with character moves. Mr. Game & Watch has giant credit cards and manhole covers, Wario uses his motorcycle and fart-based recoveries – hell, they gave ROB a chargable dredle. Few characters boast the creativity coming from everyone’s favorite villager…Villager. ...

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Super Smash Bros. Mega Man Guide


The Blue Bomber’s arrival to the cross-dimensional brawler that is Super Smash Bros. was met with universal hype-screams and exclamations of profanity. This is a character that defined the NES era just as much as Mario and Link did, so it’s nice that he gets his time in the spotlight. Mega Man ...

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Super Smash Bros. Little Mac Guide


One of the most anticipated newcomers of Super Smash Bros. is the tiny titan himself, Little Mac. Hailing from the Punch-Out franchise, Little Mac’s quick jabs, aggressive play style, and punishing hits make him a natural fit for the crossover juggernaut. He’s small, he’s scrappy, but he has more than a few mean punches. ...

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Destiny: Currency, Consumables, and Materials Guide

destiny,bungie,activision,ps4,xbox one,crucible,traveler,ftg,front towards gamer

Destiny as a whole gives you very little information to go by when it comes to the different items you will be collecting throughout the game.  This guide will help break down what the different types of currency, consumables, and materials are as well as how you get them and ...

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Titanfall: Wingman LTS Guide


With Titanfall’s seventh update, Respawn’s David-v-Goliath shooter has gained a new mode to usher out the dreadfully-designed Titan-free mode, “Pilot Skirmish”. It’s called Wingman LTS (that’s “Last Titan Standing”) and pits you with one other person for 2v2 Titan battles. The rules are identical to your traditional Last Titan Standing match, except ...

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Super Smash Bros. Slang Guide

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 12.31.31 PM

If Super Smash Bros. means more to you than the simple pleasure of having Mario duke it out with the likes of Mega Man, Link, and Sonic the Hedgehog, there are a lot of terms to familiarize yourself with. Smash jargon ranges from basic gameplay mechanics to community-forged insults and jabs. Each ...

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Destiny: Loot Farming Guide (UPDATED)

destiny,bungie,activision,ps4,xbox one,crucible,traveler,ftg,front towards gamer

UPDATE: Bungie has adjusted the spawn rate of the enemies in this cave from 6 seconds to 40 seconds, making it a less viable farming location Grinding for loot in Destiny can be tough, especially engrams. But it seems that there is one spot in Old Russia where in a ...

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The Walking Dead Season 2: All Endings: FTG Endgame Theater


During ‘No Going Back’, the fifth episode of Season 2 of The Walking Dead by Telltale Games, the final 15-20 minutes leave you with some decisions that will branch off into 6 possible endings.  The CHOICE is yours as to where you will leave Clementine at the end of Season 2. **SPOILER ...

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Five Invisible, Inc. Tips and Tricks To Get You On Your Way

invisible inc,invisible incorporated,klei entertainment,klei,steam early access,steam

  I absolutely love Invisible, Inc., but anyone who’s picked it up is well aware of how unforgiving and unwavering it can be. Here are five tips that I wish I had when starting the game. I hope they help you.   1. Sneak up beside doors, not right in ...

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