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This War of Mine Updates: New Locations and More


This War of Mine, the gritty point-and-click war simulator which focuses on the survival of civilians, has receiving a 1.2 update, adding lots of new features. In 1.2, players will now have a chance to start in a different shelter, offering plenty of customization options for players, as well as ...

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Hatred Re-Listed On Steam Greenlight


Hatred, the controversial murdering-spree game that was recently removed from Steam Greenlight, has been re-listed on Greenlight according to a personal message sent to the developers. Gaben himself sent a message to the developers, stating that the removal of Hatred was a mistake, and that it would be re-instated to ...

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League of Legends Christmas Game Mode Is Here!

poro king

League of Legends is once again doing Snowdown, their Christmas-themed changes to League of Legends, the most significant of which is the new game-mode, Legend of the Poro King. In Legend of the Poro King, players throw Poros at one another with the aim of summon the Poro King, an awesomly ...

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Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Getting an HD Re-Release


Heroes of Might and Magic 3, the classic and beloved Turn based Strategy game in the Might and Magic Universe, is getting an HD Re-Release. Alongside a general HD texture update, HoMM3 is getting a new online multiplayer lobby, specificalyl tailored for PC. As well as this, HoMM3 will be ...

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Steam Holiday Auction Shut Down After Exploit

steam holiday auction

Steam’s Holiday Auction had to be completely shut down recently, due to a major glitch in the system that allowed users to essentially create infinite amounts of gems, and thus hoard an incredible amount of wealth. For those not in the know, the Holiday Auction was a system wherein you ...

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M&B: Viking Conquest Incredibly Buggy


Mount and Blade: Viking Conquest, the Celtic-Viking DLC for Mount & Blade: Warband developed by the Brytenwalda team, has had its release recently, and the game has sadly proven incredibly buggy and unfinished. Reviews are very negative, highlighting the incredibly frequent graphical and gameplay bugs, as well as missing textures ...

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Valve Patched Bird Glitch in CS:GO


Counter Strike: Global Offensive‘s classic map de_train recently received a makeover – long overdue – that changes the look and feel of the map to bring it more in line with other CS maps. However, something interesting slipped past the developers; if you time it right, you can use two ...

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Don’t Starve Together Released To Steam Early-Access

don't starve together

Don’t Starve Together, the multiplayer standalone expansion for the hit indie survival game Don’t Starve, has been released into Steam Early Access. The developers claim that they’ve receivied upwards of 80,000 requests for Beta access, and the sheer number of people desiring keys means that a good amount of them are being ...

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Juju Has Been Released Into The Wild With A New Trailer

JUJU_Launch (1)

Juju, the zany platformer with a focus on family co-op gameplay by Flying Wild Hog, has released a new trailer showcasing it’s weirdly wonderful art style and its apparent superiority to sex. In the trailer, a man effortlessly ignores the advances of seemingly several different women as he plays Juju, ...

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Destiny’s DLC Locks Weekly Strike Behind Paywall

destiny dark below

Destiny‘s newest expansion The Dark Below has removed access to this week’s Weekly Strike for who haven’t bought it yet. Every week, Destiny has a Weekly Strike that functions similar to Raids in World of Warcraft and other MMOs. Raids are highly important to stay relevant in the best gear available, and doing them ...

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