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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Giveaway!


The much anticipated Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor RPG has finally released, and we have a game code from Monolith Productions to prance around with. We know most of you want to be playing this game already, which is why we have made the giveaway from now until the 2nd of October at ...

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Spacecom FLASH Giveaway!


11 Bit Studios are no strangers to strategy. Going by their great reverse tower defense of Anomaly: Warzone Earth, follow up with the vastly different This War of Mine taking a civilian-focused look at war, the Studio has a thing for the genre. However, this time the studio cooks up another game heavily relying ...

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Wrack (PC) Giveaway!


Dusted off from the ole FTG giveaway locker is the indie shooter scratching the DOOM itch of WRACK. Two full, early access-granting codes at our disposal from Final Boss Entertainment’s first outing. In addition to TEN codes for 25% off the $14.99 Early Access asking price. Now because of this we’ll be flinging those suckers off ...

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Abyss Odyssey (PC) Giveaway!

Abyss Odyssey

Did you forget about Abyss Odyssey already? I know July is known to be full of quality, well-known games, but come on, 2014’s weirdest Metroidvania? Get it together! Well, Chilean mystical lore fanatics rejoice! Within our grasps is a Steam code for ACE Team’s surreal sidescroller. A tweet, follow, like of any of our social ...

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Destiny (PS4) Beta Key Giveaway!


From our gracious friend, Mark “ItHurtstoPoop” Walsh, we now have two Destiny Beta keys at our disposal! Two lucky PlayStation 4 owners who haven’t pre-ordered Destiny or scored a code from social media, the opportunity of gaining access to Bungie’s next space opera is here and now.  Just follow the guidelines and we’ll be sure ...

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Project Spark Beta Key Giveaway!

Project Spark

In case the loud sound of mechs and next-gen fanciness made you forget Microsoft’s more minutiae (see: anal-retentive) answer to Little Big Planet at E3 last year, let’s remind you of Project Spark. Casual game developers and wannabe artists alike, create colorful landscapes and various game environment-based things from the ...

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League of Legends Arcade Hecarim Garrison Giveaway!


You know, fudge it! We’ll give some love to League of Legends‘ bedazzled horseman of Hecarim as well. Head down to the link for more to win the skin by a mere follow, like, and tweet! This thing or whatever you want to call ends March…Uhh shoot. Hold on one ...

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League of Legends Riot Blitzcrank Revive Giveaway!

League of Legends

After our surprise Titanfall Beta giveaway, we got to thinking on kicking up the old giveaway machine and tap a familiar well. Starting NOW, we’re rolling out regular League of Legends codes in between other series of letters and numbers unlocking a game crying for ownership. That said, one Riot ...

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Titanfall Xbox One Beta Key FLASH Giveaway!


WHOA! Fired right out from Respawn Entertainment’s electronic mail, we have the luxury of one, pristine Titanfall (Closed) Beta key! Wait, no, we’re wrong. Sorry, folks, our beta key for EA’s next (awesome-looking) attempt to dismantle Call of Duty wasn’t counted right. Instead, we’ve got FOUR BETA KEYS TO GIVEAWAY. ...

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Giveaway!

The Walking Dead

Seasons greetings! As our joyous 2013 run dwindles, Telltale treats us to one last big game before the days strike 1-1. In addition, they repeat their  generous offering seen back in October with the Wolf Among Us, now The Walking Dead Season 2 graces our giveaway contests to bridge into ...

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