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The Sims 4 Game Pack Announced


The Sims 4 recently hinted at a new release, fitting in with EA’s habit of releasing DLCs as soon as possible after a release. In a press blog yesterday, The Sims 4 team announced they would be releasing their first “Game Pack”. The exact definition of what a “Game Pack” ...

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Crusader Kings 2 Way Of Life Released

crusader kings news post image

Crusader Kings 2‘s newest expansion Way of Life has been released yesterday, offering a huge number of changes to the core gameplay of Crusader Kings 2. Way of Life is geared towards expanding on the personal decision available to characters in Crusader Kings 2, such as romance and rivarly options. Besides the standard ...

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Mount & Blade: Warband – L’Aigle Release Date Trailer

mount and blade napoleonic wars

Mount & Blade: Warband‘s Napoleonic Warefare Mod, L’Aigle, has had its release date finally confirmed today. The total conversion mod creates a Singleplayer twist on the already established Napoleonic Wars DLC for Mount & Blade: Warband, as well as adding a huge amount of realistic maps and new features to multiplayer ...

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Prismata’s Kickstarter Is Funded


Prismata, the indie card strategy game being developed by Lunarch Entertainment that is currently in early-access, has just finished it’s Kickstarter fully funded! Whilst it looked slightly unlikely for a while, several reddit /r/bestof posts featuring the developer, Elyot, allowed Prismata to achieve just the right amount of recognition to become funded on ...

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Deal Finder: Devolver Digital Sale

Deal Finder

The Deal Finder got a huge ping with none other than Fork Parker of Devolver Digital fame. He has deeply discounted some great games under this publisher and had offered a free game as well. First up is The Talos Principle, one of the greatest cat games ever, for just ...

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Deal Finder: Titanfall 75% Off!!!

Deal Finder

The Deal Finder radar pinged a great deal on some Xbox games and there is quite a list of games that are on sale. One of the games on sale is a Game Of The Year contender in Titanfall. Now, you can get it on the 360 for the low ...

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Far Cry 4: Escape From Durgesh Prison Breaks Out on January 13th

Far Cry 4

The real start of Far Cry 4′s season pass unlocks on January 13th 2015. Escape from Durgesh Prison sports Ajay and lovable Hurk in a very pointblank story. Evade captivity of Yuma and their prison to safety with wits without weapons. Begin anew and battered trapped in a prison, carrying ...

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass Owners Can Now Acquire Their Free Ubisoft Game

Assassin's Creed Unity

After the dismal launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity, with its bountiful amount of bugs, Ubisoft declared the season pass to Unity defunct and set the upcoming DLC free; On top of offering a choice of one free Ubisoft game. Not just a paltry downloadable, but owners receive full retail games released ...

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PC) Pre-Christmas Giveaway!

borderlands giveaway

Who doesn’t like getting gifts during the holidays? Enter to win Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving: an FPS the whole family can enjoy. Actually, scratch that “whole family” part. Already have the game? Then expunge your grincheyness and give the code away to ...

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Updates with New Multiplayer Pack + Deluxe Edition Upgrade

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Two beefy packs land on Dragon Age: Inquisition’s download page earlier this week, one tweaks with the multiplayer, the other adds the option to gain  the goodies from the $70 Deluxe Edition. The Destruction pack is completely free and diverts the multiplayer a tad. On top of new paths to existing destinations, wild creatures wander ...

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