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Pre-Order Plaza: Week Of November 2-8, 2014

Pre-Order Plaza

Welcome to another Pre-Order Plaza! This week is great for fans of shooters, as we have two great ones. If not, don’t worry, as we have a puzzle game and a great platformer. Let’s get down to it! Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Release Date: November 4, 2014 Platform: PC, ...

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Dying Light Leaves Last-Gen Consoles Behind, Now Only for Current Gen and PC


In a press release today, Techland announced that development on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Dying Light will no longer go forward.  The statement reads: Dear Gamers, As you probably know, we’re wrapping up the development of Dying Light, our biggest and most ambitious project to date. ...

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Destiny: Has Bungie’s Latest Patch Caused New Issues in the Vault of Glass?


Yesterday, Bungie released patch to make changes within Destiny.  Two of those changes that were made were meant to increase the difficulty of the final boss fight of the Vault of Glass raid against Atheon: Time’s Conflux.  The patch notes state: Fixed an issue where Atheon was not choosing ...

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Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Receives 200 Potions for Dual Purchase


The remakes of the third generation of Pokemon will include a special bonus for purchasing the pair. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire both price at $40 each and a conjoined sale grants 100 potions in each game as an incentive. Though separate purchases don’t count, an exclusive “Dual Pack” packs in the reward at ...

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Xbox One Sheds a Few “Pounds” for the Holidays with Price-Reduced Bundles

Xbox One

Starting November 2nd, Microsoft commissions a holiday promotion for Xbox One console bundles all touting a $50-off price tag. From Major Nelson, the likes of big retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, and Microsoft stores will fulfill each of the specified bundles below. $349 Xbox One ...

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Game of Thrones: Telltale’s Take Still on Track for 2014

Game of Thrones

In a twitter exchange between an eager fan and Laura Perusco, community & PR specialist for Telltale, Perusco informs Telltale’s adaption of Game of Thrones remains on schedule for release this year. No firm date as of yet, though Telltale outs a trailer and a date within a two-week span, ...

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League Of Legends Goes Harrowing For Halloween

League Of Legends

Riot Games unveiled a special event in League Of Legends during the Halloween season. Named The Harrowing, this event has a new mode, new skins for champions and new icons. During the Harrowing event, players can choose a new mode called Hexakill. Like last year, it is 6v6 multiplayer but ...

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Halo Launch Invitational Announced

microsoft-announces-halo-master-chief-collection-1409445841156 copy

With Halo: Master Chief Collection on the horizon, what better way to usher in its launch than with the best way eSports knows how: a tournament. HaloFest was announced October 22nd, and along with the tournament, some big names in Halo as the Halo 2: Anniversary captains. Among the ranks ...

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Pre-Order Plaza: Week Of October 26-November 1, 2014

Pre-Order Plaza

Welcome back to a spook-tacular Pre-Order Plaza! This week is full of treats with no tricks. From a wrestling game to retro medieval times, even a first person shooter MOBA hybrid that I’m personally excited for, this week will satisfy your sweet tooth of great games. Let’s put on our ...

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Payday 2 Releases Free John Wick DLC

Payday 2

You read that right: Payday 2, the game about criminals going up against every force the US military has on Earth, has paired up with the Keanu Reeves (?!) film John Wick. So in video games, which have a history of really unlikely pairings, I nominate this as the #1 weirdest of ...

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