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KNIFE FIGHT IV: Red Beards and Turkeys!

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Well, it’s turkey time again folks, and while we’re all dealing with Cousin Larry telling us boring work stories between uncomfortably-sized bites of turkey, know there are men and women stationed in hostile nations and making sure that the bad guys are having a bad holiday season. Daniel and his ...

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KNIFE FIGHT VI: Tanks For the Memories!


Wargaming.net is one of Operation Supply Drop’s biggest supporters out there right now. Makes a lot of sense: a lot of military folks LOVE the World of Tanks/World of Warplanes series of games. We get along nicely: military focused gaming meets with military focused gaming charity: just like Forest Gump’s ...

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KNIFE FIGHT V: Drop Like an Egyptian


The multi-national force stationed in the Sinai keeping the peace between Egypt and Israel don’t exactly have glamorous jobs. They’re not out there every day, kicking in doors to insurgent outposts or going after ISIS leadership. For over 30 years, their job is to sit in Egypt and make sure the ...

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Commander’s Call: Operation Supply Drop Deepens eSports Involvement; Featured in Smart Hustle Magazine

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As I mentioned in our recent newsletter, Operation Supply Drop is entering our fifth year. It is sometimes hard to believe how quickly the time has passed and how far we have come since Stephen and his wife started this journey, pretty much alone. We have grown explosively since that ...

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DEUCES WILD 6: Supporting the Sappers in Afghanistan!


Another of Operation Supply Drop‘s six DEUCES WILD supply drops has surfaced from Afghanistan! DEUCES WILD VI, the last of the bunch went to Christian and his crew of combat engineers in southern Afghanistan a few months back. Here’s his original request: a particularly well written request, I might add! ...

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Operation Supply Drop Issues the “$11.11 Challenge” for Veterans Day

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Operation Supply Drop just reached it’s four year anniversary of sending video games to US and NATO soldiers deployed to combat zones world wide! With that milestone, we’re sending out a special Veterans Day challenge to our supporters out there! Our “8-Bit” Yellow Ribbon pins have become a symbol of OSD over ...

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DEUCES WILD IV: The Devils in Baggy Pants Get Games From OSD!


As I was an 82nd trooper from the 505th, I always kinda smirked at the guys next door at the 504th. Their Regiment was given the moniker “The Devils in Baggy Pants” from what the Germans called them during World War II, but it wasn’t exactly the most heartstopping of titles ...

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Operation Supply Drop Turns Four Years Old: A Word from the Founder


Four years ago, a nondescript envelope from the government arrived in the mail, officially declaring Operation Supply Drop as a non-profit organization. This little sheet of paper was the springboard that would launch hundreds of “supply drops”, care packages for American and allied soldiers deployed to combat zones and recovering ...

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KNIFE FIGHT II: Helping Out the Sappers for the Holidays!


Route clearance. A necessary evil in Afghanistan, where Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) litter every major road where US and Allied forces are known to use to get places. The brave men of a combat engineer platoon are forced to regularly make sure the main roads aren’t full of mines stuffed ...

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CANDY CORN I: OSD Doesn’t Do “Fun Sized” to Afghanistan


Ah, October: Gratuitously sexual Trick or Treat costumes (Sexy Despicable Me minion anyone?) and Pumpkin Spice crammed into everything, including your latte. That time of the year where there’s a mild nip in the air, every store starts pulling out Christmas decorations, and you say to yourself “Where in the hell did ...

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