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Watch This! DLC Murdered: Soul Suspect

Watch This!, Watch This! DLC, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Airtight Games, Square-Enix, Let's Play, Youtube, PC, Steam,

Watch This! DLC reach into the 2014 game graveyard to resurrect Airtight Games' Murdered: Soul Suspect.

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Watch This! DLC I Am Bread

Watch This!, Watch This! DLC, I Am Bread, Bossa Studios, Youtube, Let's Play, Steam, Early Access, PC, Indie, Troy Baker,

Bossa Studios' I Am Bread is a bizarre physics-driven puzzler about you, Bread, and your goal to get toasted. As simple as the premise sounds, the end goal is harder than one might expect.

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The Talos Principle: Eternity Ending: FTG Endgame Theater

The Talos Principle

Huh, that’s it then? After 95 Sigils and enduring listening to your creepy overseer, you embraced the pearly gates of eternity and joined Elohim. What a happy (blissful) ending! Well, if you want more out of the puzzler and a genuinely intriguing ending, swing by what happens when you eat ...

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The Talos Principle: The Tower Ending: FTG Endgame Theater

The Talos Principle

And so it ends, you disobeyed Elohim and discovered the secrets of the Tower. Congrats on passing the final test and destroying the simulation, you disobedient child, you! If blind faith suits your palette in exploratory, first-person puzzlers, do glue those eyeballs to the “Eternity” ending. Otherwise, read our glowing ...

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The Evil Within: Chapter 5 Boss Guide

The Evil Within Chapter 5 Boss

The infamous Evil Within Spider Lady can be killed through the use of fire. Watch and learn how to avoid the one hit instakills and torch this undead witch.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition First 30 Minutes

Dragon Age, Dragon Age: Inquisition, EA, Bioware, RPG, TRPG, PC, Xbox One, PS4, Videos, Let's Play, First 30 Minutes, Youtube,

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a large, expansive game, and each character experiences a unique journey from the beginning. Here's Curtis' Human Rogue and his first steps in Thedas.

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Watch This! DLC Deadfall Adventures

deadfall adventures, lets play, Nordic Games, GmbH, PC, The Farm 51, Steam, Watch This, Watch This DLC, youtube,

Watch This DLC loads up Deadfall Adventures and takes Luke, Deb, and Curtis across the world to search ruins and solve puzzles.

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Game of Thrones: FTG Let’s Play Part 1

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game

Just a humble pig farmer come squire at the grandest wedding in Westeros. I sure hope there’s no betrayal or plots a foot in Game of Thrones.

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The Evil Within: Chapter 3 Boss Guide

Evil Within Chapter 3 Boss

How to take down the Chapter 3 Chainsaw Boss in the Evil Within without taking damage or using a single bullet.

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Bayonetta 2: FTG Let’s Play Part 2

Bayonetta 2

Our leading lady Bayonetta takes on heavens headless swordsman, meets a wacky wizard kid and transforms into a puma. All in a days work for an Umbra witch.

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