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Dead Space: FTG Let’s Play

Dead Space

How hard can it be to fix a space telephone on a spaceship in Dead Space? Pretty hard if there’s space zombies about.

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Alien: Isolation: Crew Expendable FTG Lets Play Part 2

Alien Isolation Crew Expenfable

Ever been stuck in a tight shaft with natures ultimate killer chasing you? That’s just another day for Poopy and Lucie in Alien: Isolation

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent FTG Let’s Play

Amnesia the Dark Descent

Who are we? Why are we? Who pee’d my pants already? I cant remember — I have… Amnesia.

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Outlast: FTG Let’s Play


Just your typical run of the mill abandoned haunted mental hospital. Nothing to fear here. How long will we last in Outlast?

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Watch This! DLC Contrast

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Watch This DLC jumps in and out of the shadows to bring you Deb, Luke, and Curtis playing Compulsion Games’ Contrast on PC.

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Slender the Arrival: FTG Let’s Play

Slender the Arrival

So apparently some tall looking accountant guy is out roaming the woods in Slender the Arrival. How scary can that be?

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Alien: Isolation Crew Expendable FTG Let’s Play: Part 1

Alien Isolation Crew Expendable

Join Lucie and Poopy as we play the final hours of Ellen Ripleys desperate struggle to survive against natures ultimate killer in Alien: Isolation. Will they evade the alien?, can they survive the terror?, how many pairs of pants will they go through?

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Surgeon Simulator 2013: FTG Let’s Play Finale

Surgeon Simulator 2013 FTG Let's Play Part 3

Dr. Poopy and Dr. Lucie for another round of Surgeon Simulator and we finally did it. Bob can relax (after so many accidents). That’s the last time I ever put my hand inside someone.

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Bayonetta 2 Demo: FTG Let’s Play

Bayonetta 2 Demo

The Bayonetta 2 Demo on WiiU is finally here. Lets take a look at the insane Witch carnage that awaits us on the 24th of October. Check out more FTG Let’s Play videos on our YouTube Channel!

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Dark Souls 2: Defeat the Fume Knight Boss

Dark Souls 2 Fume Knight

Finally we face the master of this keep the Fume Knight. Here’s the do’s and don’ts in beating this formidable foe. Just bide your time, don’t drain your stamina and wait for the time to strike.

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